Community Library Committee Report

Table of Contents

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  I. Executive Summary
  II. Introduction
  III. Background
  IV. Committee Recommendations
  V. Evaluation Process
  VI. Working Group Reports
    a. Needs Assessment
    b. Building & Zoning
    c. Outreach
    d. Acquisition
    e. Use of Existing Building
    f. Communication
    g. Finance
  VII. Consideration of Major Issues
  VIII. Additional Issues
    a. Site Access and Traffic Calming
    b. Design Process


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Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader; see bottom of sidebar.
  A. John Jermain Library Board Invitation to Community Groups
  B. Initial Discussion Paper
  C. Community Meeting Space Survey
  D. Priorities Evaluation Analysis
  E. Outreach Response Evaluation
  F. Construction Cost Projection Data
  G. Operating Cost Estimates
  H. Commissioner’s Regulation 90.2,Minimum Standards
    for Public Libraries in New York State
  I. The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation
    Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings
  J. Listing of Community Organizations within Library District
  K. List of Supplemental Appendices (not attached)

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