Community Library Committee Report

F. Communication

Members: Jim Posner (Coordinator), Jim Marquardt


The JJML Board invited the CLC to assist the Board on communicating with voters in the Sag Harbor School District. The communications program will be a cooperative effort, and this outline is intended only as a starting point for consideration by the Board.

Overall Goal

Achieve approval of a bond referendum for library expansion


  • Explain to voters that new and improved services of an expanded library far outweigh its cost to taxpayers.
  • Explain how the CLC arrived at its recommendation to the JJML Board, and why it was chosen over other approaches.
  • Explain how the existing historic structure will be preserved and used, and remain an important presence for the community.


All voters in the Sag Harbor School District.

Influential blocs ā€“ PTAs, Historical Society, elected officials in the Sag Harbor School District, all Citizens Action Committees, Lions Club, K of C, Noyac Civic Council, Bay Point Civic Council, parents, library card holders, editorial staffs of newspapers, members of Whaling Museum, John Steinbeck Committee, churches, Friends of the Library, LVIS of Sag Harbor and North Haven, CONPOSH, Park and Recreation Association of Sag Harbor NY Inc., Sag Harbor School Board, Fire Department, American Legion, students, AARP


  • Sag Harbor Express, Southampton Press, Southampton Independent,
    East Hampton Star
  • Advertising in the Sag Harbor Express
  • Open meetings for the community
  • Radio interviews. David Lee Report.
  • Library website, library newsletter, library column
  • Power Point or flip-chart presentations to influential organizations

Sample subjects for publicity

  • Progress reports on the library plan, weekly if possible
  • How the CLC arrived at its recommendation
  • NY State requirements for libraries
  • Uses identified for the existing building
  • New and expanded services at an expanded library
  • Comparison of our present library with those of neighboring towns of roughly the same size
  • Role of a modern library in the community
  • Important meetings coming up, e.g. architectural discussion
  • Endorsements of the expansion plan by various groups
  • Significant donations and grants to restore the present building.


We see two periods or phases of our communications task ā€“ the first period begins May 24th, when we make our recommendation to the JJML Board, and runs to the announcement of the cost and scope of the project in the statement of the referendum. The second period runs from the referendum announcement to the actual vote. The sample subjects above, and others that will be included as we progress, may receive different emphases in the two periods.


Formation of a communications group.

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